About us

We are a strategic, hands-on partner investing in companies that benefit patients and society


A trusted, active discussion partner

We focus on healthcare companies in Europe with special emphasis on the Nordics. We seek to become long-term investors with influential ownership positions.

Serendipity Partners is a trusted active discussion partner with extensive medical and scientific knowledge combined with financial and operational experience. 

The team has raised NOK 2.0 billion across two funds. The second fund is a permanent capital vehicle that enables flexible holding periods. The funds managed by Serendipity Partners are registered by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

Our investment approach



We seek to become partners with public and family business owners, both as majority and non-majority owners


Management teams

We look for excellent management teams who aspire towards long-term growth of their company


Conservative risk approach

We avoid excessive leverage in our companies and our main focus is mature cash flow positive companies


Knowable value proposition

We invest in businesses where the value proposition is knowable and understandable and can be the subject of rigorous analysis

Active ownership

We work actively with management to make companies more valuable by building assets organically or through acquisitions

Aligning incentives

We align management’s interests with those of our investors through appropriate personal investment and meaningful equity incentive

Note: Serendipity Partners does not currently possess any ownership in listed shares and, consequently, does not have guidelines for active ownership of listed shares